• Re-Radiation Kit
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  • Re-Radiation Kit

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The Re-Radiation Kit provides transmission of GPS radio signals inside closed vehicles and buildings, where unhindered receiving of GPS is not possible.

The kit includes a mobile in-door receiving antenna, a transmission antenna, an amplifier (repeater), and high quality HF cables.

The system amplifies GPS (L1 and L2 band) and Galileo signals.

Small size and low weight achieve high transmission power, which can be adjusted.

Batteries allow for autonomous operation up to 10 hours.

Use of an external power supply according to NATO norm (9V DC - 32 V DC) is supported.

The all-purpose Re-Radiation Kit is compliant to requirements for utilisation in military air vehicles.

The Re-Radiation Kit comes with high quality and rugged accommodation mounts and is suited for mobile and stationary fixation.

We offer adaptions according to customer specific requirements.

Accommodation mounts are available with clamp, or suction cup fasteners.