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  • True Airspeed Sensor
  • GPS Sensor
  • Kompass / Compass
  • Ausrüstungskoffer / Equipment Box
  • Data Logger

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The compact and rugged Data Logger acquires and records critical flight data autonomous in real time.

Our Data Logger can acquire various types of data and is suited to be used in ground, water and aerial vehicles.

Its internal sensors record the following data:

  • barometric air pressure to determine the accurate height
  • environmental temperature
  • true air speed
  • acceleration in 3 axis
  • geographical course (by magnetic compass)
  • position und velocity (by GPS)
  • optional: force measurement

The Data Logger meets special requirements for utilisation in parachute systems.

The Data Logger comes with software to down-load recorded data and a handy transport box.

Optionally we offer an easy to operate software for display and analysis of the data.