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The helmet mounted display Vision FFX meets requirements for HAHO and HALO parachuting missions.

Its high resolution imaging supports display of maps and suits also for ground missions.

Vision FFX accepts and generates image data according to VGA/SVGA standard.

The image projection is optimised for utilisation during the free-fall phase.

Vision FFX supports display of icono-graphic information as well as real-time video.

The flexible mounting concept of Vision FFX accommodates on various helmet systems and allows utilisation together with other helmet mounted display devices.

Vision FFX weight is less than 90 g and needs less than 1 Watt energy a typical application.

Handy and housing integrated operating controls support individual adjustments of the image.

Rugged and reliable design of the Vision FFX are compliant to requirements for military utilisation.

We offer helmet mounting supports for Vision FFX according to customer specific requirements.