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The see-through display HMD Vision 2ST allows augmented reality to support the tasks of its wearer by mixing a high resolution digital colour image with his or her true sight.

Even in bright light conditions Vision 2ST provides excellent perception of the mixed image.

  • a highly luminous OLED microdisplay generates a high-contrast image and
  • a continuously adjustable aperture supports quick adaption to environmental light conditions.

High resolution images like maps or video films can be viewed best by transforming the Vision 2ST to a non-see-through display. This can be achieved simply by closing its aperture completely .

Vision 2ST is suited well for mobile utilisation. Its weight is approximately 160 g and it requires less than 1 Watt energy for typical applications.

Robust and handy operating controls are integrated in the housing and support individual adjustments of the HMD functions. Rugged and reliable design of the Vision 2ST are compliant to requirements for military utilisation.

Vision 2ST accepts image data according to VGA/SVGA standard, supports easy adoption to various helmet systems and image sources, and we offer helmet mounting supports for Vision 2ST according to customer specific requirements.