Specially designed for parachutists with HAHO und HALO mission profiles the JH-05 Paratrooper-Helmet provides:

  • protection against extreme environmental conditions typical for drop heights of up to 33.000 ft
  • platform to integrate mandatory equipment like oxygen masks and sight enhancing goggles (NVG).
  • high stability at low weight and outstanding wearing comfort.

The JH-05 Paratrooper Helmet basic configuration includes:

  • helmet shell based on aramid-carbon compound (black matted)
  • integrated adjustable visor (clear see through)
  • neck cover
  • three-part lining for head sizes between 53 and 62 cm circumference
  • chin strap with quick release fastener
  • mounting support for various equipment
  • transportation bag

Optional available are:

  • coated visors (sun light or LASER protection)
  • oxygen mask receivers
  • face protection against extreme low temperatures
  • anti collision lights
  • communication-kit (head-phones, microphone)
  • adapter and mountings for various displays and night vision goggles

The JH-05 as compliant to the following aerospace and military standards:

DIN EN 166, EN966/A1, LTF 1500-850, ETSO, MIL-C-83409, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-849B, MIL-V-43511C,